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Skoolers Programme FUNdamental Basketball Skills

This programme is designed to develop the fundamental basketball skills while improving motor skills and coordination. It was developed here in Ireland in line with Physical Education guidelines to introduce children to the game of basketball while improving their physical capabilities as athletes.

The focus of the programme takes a look at the basic skills basketball skills and how to transfer that into a game situation

  • Moving your body – starting, stopping, jumping and balance

  • Using your hands – catching , passing, shooting

  • Decision Making – Passing, catching & shooting

  • Learning to Assess – Offence & Defence Principles

  • Real Time Processing – Open Play

Ages: 3rd to 6th Class
Cost: €64 for 8 week programme

How does it work?

The programme can be run over a 10 week period or continuous progression for the entire school term. We adapt the lesson plans to the player’s ages and current capabilities. The programme has been run in schools and clubs since 2000.