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Beginners & Advanced Shooters Club 

Join us in season to learn the skills and technique of how to build and execute a good jump shot. Have your shot analysed, and fine-tuned to allow you to make those all-important shots in a game. Learn different shot selection techniques coming off a dribble or a catch into shooting position. Train in a fun cooperative and competitive environment. If you are new to the game or have to have your shot reassessed beginners shooters club is for you. If you have been playing for a while and are looking to execute various types of shots and game like scenarios then Advanced Shooters Club is for you.

 Shooters Club – Build Your Jump Shot

Shooters Club – Build Your Jump Shot 

Location: St Laurence College

Age: 12 years plus or complete beginners

Time: 7 – 8 pm (Beginners or new members)

Day: Wednesdays

Max : 15 Players

Commences: Starts March 4th – May 6th

Duration: 8 Weeks – no session during Easter – See Easter Camp 2020




Term 1. Pre Season Programmes – September – October (Shot Technique/Prep for Game)

Term 2. In Season Programmes – November – December (Shot Selection/Game like)

Term 3. In Season Programmes January – March (Shot Selection/Game like)

Term 4. Work Season Programme April – May ( Shot Selection under numerous variables, speed, space, pressure and emotional)

Take your shooting technique to the next level!

You will be reminded of the fundamentals of shot technique, your shots will be analysed early on to improve your form and timing of each shot you take. We believe that there are numerous ways to get into your shooting start but each needs to be masterd to allow for maximum execution and control. Once these are masterd we can manipulate the variables and reads to make it more game like. Simulation of movment and muscle is key to the success of being a good shooter. We believe confidence comes with competence. Knowing you have gotten up over 200 plus shots in one session gives you great confidence when playing games at the weekend.  Our programme is dependant on the time of the year. We tailor everything to your needs within the season timeframe. For more serious analysis of your shot in season check out our personal 1 to 1 programmes or return to build a jump shot programme. We are always evolving we do this through reviewing. Shooting is a complex movement , keeping our bodies in tact has a huge impact on the effectiveness of our shot, as the season has high demand on our bodies our shot can get affected. Our background in Sport Science and fitness allows me to assess and correct as needed. 

Advanced Shooters Club – Shot Selection & Execution 

Age: 14 plus or have completed Beginners Shooters Club

Time: 8.00 – 9.00 pm

Venue: St Laurence College Loughlinstown

Day: Wednesdays

Max 16 Participants

Commences: March 4th – May 6th

Duration: 8 Weeks – no session during Easter Holidays – See Easter Camp