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Shooters Academy

This programme is aimed at beginner players, we start them early as we believe the earlier we get them in the gym the more automatic the skills and game comes to them. The Academy is a combination of all the fundamentals you need to learn as a beginner and the advancement into team play. It’s so much FUN and all our skoolers continue to grow and progress.  They return year after year with many progressing on to the challenge league , shooters club and summer bootcamp. We love the idea of creating players and moving them through their journey as they grow.

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Summer Session Bootcamp

Bootcamp is a summer programme aimed at bringing individuals to their full potential. Players are made in the off season and tested in season. At bootcamp we work with individuals to improve their own game , from shooting , passing,  ball handling , defence, offence, fitness, decision making. We challenge the players to be the best that they can be and they work hard all summer to bring about great results

  • Player development

  • Shot selection

  • Passing

  • Footwork

  • Defence

  • Offence

  • Circuit Training (Basketball Style)

  • Flexibility

  • Strength and Conditioning

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Personal and Group Coaching

This is a great opportunity to get either personal coaching of one on one with the coach to get the best out of you.
Sessions are 1 hour long and tailored around the needs of the player.

Options for small group coaching.

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