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International Camps 2016

Hoop Skool Networks Basketball

Arriving at the Airport.

Hoop Skool Networks Basketball

Grouping up.

Hoop Skool Networks Basketball

Getting some rest.

Hoop Skool Networks Basketball


International Camps 2016

After a successful camp in 2015 , we returned to North Carolina to participate in Networks Teamworks International Camp. This time along with 3 other coaches we took 2 teams from St Andrews College in Booterstown and 5 students from various schools and clubs around Dublin.

We opened applications after the players attended Hoop Skool Halloween Basketball Camp.  Each player was vetted and a final meeting was had with Netoworks at the Hoop Skool Easter Basketball Camp.

We travelled with 24 players from Dublin Airport on June 26th and were greeted on the other side by Coach Kevin Nunley, the Head Coach of Networks Basketball and a group of enthusiastic Host Families.

We arrived on a Sunday and got straight to work, with  Monday morning pick up 6.15 at Apex High School where we were transported in convoy to Cary Academy a private High School nearby where Networks Basketball ran their Summer Bootcamp.

Hoop Skool Girls

Girls of 2016

Bootcamp. 6.45 – 8.45

Bootcamp is ran throughout the summer months Monday to Wednesday by Coach Nunley, Coach Kim Hinton and Coach David Deese. It consists of an intensive 2 hour session which includes a basketball focused warm up followed by various skill developments. We had requested specifics in shooting, so the two weeks that we attended there was focus given to shooting technique, creating  a great shot and footwork to facilitate getting that shot off quickly. It was by far the players favourite session of the day as they were able to mix with local kids who were extremely focused and driven.

The energy while it was 6.45 am was always intense. Coach Hinton ran amazing shooting sessions while Coach Deese showed such patience in teaching the players a system to allow them to teach themselves how to shoot.  This is one of my favourite things about Networks Basketball it shows the players how to become their own Coach.

After Boot Camp we took a minibus to Sandford a state of the art basketball facility built. Camp started at 10 am and we were very fortunate to be joined by a team from Apopka Florida for two days. The players were able to mix with a team of Junior Varsities. The focus of these sessions was on footwork, ball handling, shooting, and we delved deeply into the world of pocket passing.

Ball Rip Training.

The afternoon session were broken up into teamworks style camps, whereby the Networks Coaches worked with the Irish Coaches and their players to fine tune some offences and defence systems that they could apply to their games. It was particularly useful for Coaches. Networks listened to what we needed and provided a step by step guide to how to deal with different scenarios.

The evening session 6 – 7.30 was an invitation only session whereby players were selected to play against players who were working towards going to College or playing on High School teams. We finish up with tidying and cleaning up the gym. We believe in teaching life skills through sport. It is a hard work camp. Don’t be under any illusions.

We ran like this for 2 weeks, with each player being hosted by families in the area. The relationships build up were awesome and many celebrated 4th of July at the park or on the beach with their families. The trip involved one day at a shopping Mall and our suitcases were full on return.

Working on Defense

The trip far exceeded my expectations. While I have worked with Networks basketball for over 20 years. The level of enthusiasm and professionalism they bring to each programme is high quality. While I was there they were specifically training the coaches as well as the players. I was able to request specific styles of play that I wanted to use with my girls team and they showed me how to break it down and explain them , while also giving us drills to enhance it and simulate it.

The basketball skill development was excellent, repetition, repetition, repetition. They focused on ball handling, to a large extent which is not just dribbling a ball, but catching one, shooting one and making decisions with one. It was a real eye opener.

I enjoyed seeing the players push themselves, the Coaches reminded me as a Coach to demand more and expect more from them. They were able to push them beyond what they believed were their capabilities. They provided us with a life experience which was both educational and inspiring.

Gillian Clarges


This summer I was a part of a group of 24 students and 4 coaches who went on a two week international basketball trip to North Carolina, this is a small piece about my experiences during those two weeks. As you can imagine with more than five coaches in the gym in some sessions, we learnt a huge amount over the course of two weeks. We covered a huge deal on shot form, offensive and defensive plays, ball handling, passes and ball movement. One of the most challenging things I found throughout the trip was maintaining a high energy level in training. With early mornings followed by 7-8 hours of training some days it was a very physically and mentally draining two weeks. For this reason the coaches spent up to 20 minutes every day outlining the importance of keeping a positive attitude, which really helped to keep everyone active and in a good mood on the long days. If there was any advice I would give the players who didn’t have the privilege of attending this trip, it would be to always persevere with whatever it is that you’re working on. Results are never going to show instantly when working on something new and I found it really important to keep working even if you’re not getting the results you want just yet. My favourite part about this trip was that we got to stay with host families over in North Carolina. Most of the host families we were staying with had players of similar age that trained with us nearly every day meaning that not only did we get to learn about the what it’s like to live there, we also got to make some incredible friends whilst doing so. Getting to go on this trip has hugely impacted me going forward as a player, I got a huge amount of new skills to further develop and some really important lessons on positive thinking and working to get where you want to be.

Megan Collins

Player Insight

Hoop Skool Dublin and Networks Basketball North Carolina offered a welcoming community for our child – and family.
Game understanding and Basketball skills took a massive jump through the programme but as a parent, the things that truly impressed me were the people we and our child connected with.
Responsibility for self, resilience, confidence building, reflection, personal goal setting, relationship building, understanding what it truly means to be and want to be in a team are just a few of the things our son learned through his involvement with Hoop Skool and Networks basketball player development programme.
Perhaps the strongest element that we will keep with us are the friendships forged between the kids, coaches and parents – these I have no doubt, will grow into life-long friendships.
This community has impacted positively on our son – but the side effect has been that it has also converted the rest of our family into avid basketball fans and now we actively participate in the basketball community in different ways.  We hope to return to this programme again for our third year soon.
Ciara Henderson

A Parents Insight