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Visit to North Carolina – International Camps 2015

In 2015 our Coach Conan Doyle travelled to North Carolina with 4 players,  eager to get access to high quality coaching. Originally we had travelled to North Carolina in 1997 with 2 teams and this was our first trip back with players. We had teamed up with Networks Basketball who returned to Ireland after 17 years and they provided an opportunity for the 4 players who had attended Halloween Camp in 2014 to attend a Networks camp  in Raleigh North Carolina.


The 4 boys spent 2 weeks in North Carolina where they had access to summer programmes ran by Networks Basketball. They had an individual tailored camp whereby they learned fundamental basketball skills and got to work on development of their game and life skills.


The players worked alongside Networks Basketball Players from 7am to 9 am every day at Summer Bootcamp. The day entailed individualised shooting workout where they had access to a basketball shooting gun in a state of the art training facility purposefully built for basketball.  In the evening time they participated in an invitation only play session. This involved purposeful play whereby each were encouraged to work on the skills they had been working on that day at training camp.


The boys stayed with Host families and Coaches from North Carolina. At the weekend they had downtime with their families and got to visit Jordan Lake and the University of North Carolina.


The experience was a positive one for all and 3 of the boys returned the following year to participate in a team camp.