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The Players Journey

“Why my basketball journey has been an education in life itself”

When I was a teenager, my only joy was basketball, I loved it.
My Coach invited me to go with a group of 16 players to the USA with Networks Basketball. To say it was a life changer is an understatement.
It was on this two weeks intensive basketball camp that I learned life skills which I encompass today in everything I do. I learned the qualities of not only how to become a better player but also a better person.
Progressing from school on to become the first in my family to attend university, I graduated with a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science.  Since then, I have worked as a Health & Fitness tutor with a government initiative, Youthreach, aimed at inspiring early school leavers to continue their education.
This job has taught me how to find the spark in every child and informed my approach to working with young people.
In basketball I believe in developing a player physically, psychologically and emotionally to deal with the challenges faced on and off the court.  Basketball is only the medium that I use, to do this – I believe that basketball teaches skills that educate and enable people to pursue and reach their goals in life.
Following my guiding philosophy to “Live the life you love, Love the life you live”, I founded Hoop Skool in 2011 after many years of coaching basketball at school and recreational level. I have been blessed to have worked with total beginners to professional NBA basketball players. One day I could be delivering ball handling to Junior Infants the next the same skills to Pro players. And I love it all.
Hoopskool Basketball Programmes are designed to understand the sport and assess the needs of the game.  They always have a focus and are goal oriented. Sometimes our goals are to have fun while others are to compete at the highest level – whatever they are, we work 100% at accomplishing them.
Designed to develop and improve fundamental basketball skills in players, in Ireland, the aim is to in turn improve the overall standard of the game nationally, helping to move basketball into a mainstream sport in Ireland.  At Hoopskool, we can bring you on an amazing basketball journey from six years of age, through to playing in the USA.
Our ethos is centered around each and every individual that walks through our doors to participate in our programmes.  We believe in building players as people.